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Before we jump on the Big O, Time complexity, and other jargons I want to take your few seconds and say have patience while reading this one, do not hurry and I promise you will never search for any other resources on Big O and Time complexity. So Let’s Begin!

What does good code mean?

Everyone wants to hire a good programmer who writes code. So what good code is and how do we know we are writing good code? well, the answer is simple. Good code has two important characteristics:

1. Readable:

In short, the code you write should be readable which means if your co-worker…

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We all know Data Structure and Algorithm is important when it comes to Programming, Interviews, and Competitive programming.

But what we miss is the correct way of learning and understanding the concepts. In this post, you are going to get a clear and practical introduction to Data Structure and Algorithm. So Let’s Begin!

Data Structure is all about optimizing your code and increasing the performance. Now, look at the picture below.

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In this article, you will learn What is Node.js? What are the benefits? And you will create your very own first webserver.

What is Node.js?

According to Wikipedia, Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment (Framework) that executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. Again some regular Buzzwords and you end up understanding nothing, I know. In simple terms, Node.js helps you to build a highly scalable server-side application using JavaScript. Using Node.js you can build a command-line application, web application, real-time chat application, and web servers.

Benefits of Node.js

Node.js is easy to learn once you learn Javascript. Node.js is an open-source framework under…

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Before Starting with the principles and Techniques with you. I want to say Learning is a journey and here I am providing you some of the most important principles and Techniques to learn any skills effectively.
I have learnt all these concepts from the course “Learning to Learn [Efficient Learning]: Zero To Mastery

Learning vs Winning The System:

Rajesh Bhattarai


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